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  1. halemah

    Really enjoy your blog, keep up the good work. I have tried a few recipes and they work out fab.

  2. gastrogeek

    thanks Halemah – Which ones did you try? Am glad they work out OK!

  3. Tim Matts

    Hey, I’m trying to install the Creative Commons logo to show that I have a license on my WordPress blog and could use help!

  4. gastrogeek

    Hiya, just spotted that you’ve figured it out, sorry for the delayed response…

  5. Tim Matts

    No worries!

  6. hey,how r u? my foto looks lıke strange but thank u for ınterest n your tıme.u r so kınd about us.ıf u come to turkey please visit me.

  7. enjoyed your Blog after the teasing text on your coco freebie despondent about the missing pictures though.
    I was Fergus Hendersons first head chef, and I also write about food on my site and blog and for a Japanese Magazine about to open an Italian food store in February.
    Keep up the good work

  8. neverknowinglyunderfed

    Hi Regina,

    I was browsing Fernandez & Leluu’s page on Jim Haynes and realised while I was scrolling down the links to other blogs that I recognised your half-face from our City course! How are you doing?

    I’ve had a little mooch around your blog (surreptitiously while at work) – it’s fantastic! Will certainly come back for seconds…


  9. hi Regina, I love the butterfly top you hav e on in the waitrose magazine. Can you be kind enough to let me knwo where you got it.

    here in envy.


  10. Hannah

    All this food looks amazing – I’m desperate to try, but unfortunately I’m at uni and only have a microwave (with oven setting) and a George Forman grill (which restricts hob usage to medium-low heat)…
    The Caramelised Garlic tart looks INCREDIBLE especially!!
    Just wondering if you had any tips or recipes that I could do with my limited equipment?

  11. gastrogeek

    Thanks Hannah -now that is a challenge! Will have a bit of a think and email you over some ideas…

  12. Sazkebab

    Just discovered this blog after reading an article in the guardian and find this website really heartwarming! As a fellow 2nd-generation Bangali and foodaholic, I totally identify with all this talk of bhortas, chops and keski mach – mmmmm – my mouth is watering as i think them. Keep up teh good work! I look forward to more talk of deshi dishes.

  13. Naushad Ali

    Hi I happen to like fish but hate dealing with the bones.. Have you ever asked for you fish to be filleted and pinboned before it is served to you?

    You are right about sucking the legs from the crabs/ or from any sweet Crustacea. When I was in Dhaka I had spicy broiled I guess would be the word “emperor” prawns, And while the meat was delicious nothing was nicer than sucking the juice our the legs and then grinding the shell in my teeth to wring out the last bit of flavour

    Our relcutance to try new/diffent ingredients is maybe food preparation is an undertaught skill for self trained/ parentally trained cooks. Hence why I buy Octopus and squid tapas than make them myself. Where did you learn your mise en place?

  14. DD

    Oh no, the link to the Tandoori recipe @ is missing! Can you redirect me so I can see it?

  15. Anna

    I’ve got a chef, a vegetarian (and the chefs wife doesn’t eat red meat!) coming for supper on Sat. Was thinking a seafood curry, a veg curry and maybe some sag aloo etc.. do you have any good recipes please?

  16. Anna

    Mmmm sounds delicious. Better get started!

  17. Anna

    Sorry forgot to ask – what’s a good desert to have after curry?

  18. I like the new design of your blog 🙂 Really clean and simple! Your cookbook is now on my list of ones to buy this month – can’t wait 🙂

  19. Luke

    Hi Rejina,

    I just read your Asian supermarkets guide and knew you were passionate about the subject. Nice article/blog! I work at e5 bakehouse in Hackney but am looking to do some writing for the guardian (their food section is so well researched/written) – how did you go about writing for them?



    • gastrogeek

      oh god I love that place! Such excellent bread. I sent pitches to their editor. It’s important your ideas are timely, original and relevant to their audience etc. although I’m sure you know all that already – it is brilliantly well written isn’t it? thanks Rej

  20. S Matheson

    Hi there. Just bought your book and love it. One question- I am about to make your Superberry Loaf but can’t work out what to do with the 75g icing sugar mentioned in the recipe as the instruction seems to be missing. Does it go in the almond butter topping? Thanks now and all the best.

    • gastrogeek

      hello there, oh I’m so pleased you like the book 🙂 it does indeed, sorry that should have been clear in the method – anyway, thanks for the lovely comment and let me know how the baking goes!

  21. Roy

    Hi There,
    You kindly sent me your madras curry recipe after I heard you on the Simon Mayo show. Well I tried it yesterday and it was lovely, I really get the cooking the onions longer so they add a sweetness to the curry. I will be “following you” from now on, but not in a stalker sense!

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