barbecued fish and chips



Not really.

Because actual barbecued battered fish and vinegar sodden chips would of course be pretty disgusting. This is a much fresher version of that classic British marriage of fish and tuber. Think salmon fillets, sea bass and par boiled slices of spud marinated in a punchy garlic, caper and herb sauce (a kind of cross between a tartare and a chimichurri if you will – it basically tastes like something that’s been dragged through the herb garden, in a good way) and then slapped over glowing embers. The perfect midweek supper, this took very little time to put together. Slices of fennel, lemon and spring onion were also striped to smoky perfection and a lavish glop of said sauce anointed everything on the plate. Smoke and garlic. Two of my absolute favourite things, brought together for the punchiest of hot coal experiences this side of summer.

*Disclaimer: I’m constantly being asked to link to websites and very rarely do. However,I have a massive soft spot for John Lewis and if like me, you’re sick of those frankly dangerous flimsy disposable supermarket jobs, they have some excellent and very sturdy looking barbecues. Personally, I’m gutted the portable charcoal  kettle’s out of stock.

Serves 2


for the sauce:

1 bunch flat leaf parsley (with stalks) – 50g

chopped sage leaves – 1 tbsp

1 small bulb garlic

1-2 tbsp. capers

120ml  extra virgin olive oil

60ml white wine vinegar

juice of half a lemon

2 small shallots

1 tbsp fresh oregano

1 tsp. black pepper

1/2 tsp. salt

for the rest

2 salmon fillets

2 small seabass

4-5 medium Maris Piper potatoes, peeled, sliced into pound coin thickness and parboiled for 5 -8 minutes

1 bulb fennel, sliced

2-3 spring onions halved lengthways


  • blitz all sauce ingredients until you have a thick, verdant gloop and refrigerate for at least an hour to develop.
  • Mix the potato and fennel slices in a couple of tablespoons of the sauce and set aside to marinade.
  • In a shallow dish, stuff the seabass cavity with some of the sauce. Make shallow cuts in the salmon and baste in the marinade.
  • Barbecue the fish, spring onion, fennel and potato slices until everything is crisp and cooked through, adding more sauce as required.


  1. Rej, this is a thing of summery beauty – all those herbs and the punchy capers, looks better than battered any day x

  2. gastrogeek

    thanks K 🙂 it was SO good. I might just have to fire up the old bbq again, rain or no rain x

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