Food Revolution Day


Ever find yourself wanting to trash your local fried chicken shop? Feel yourself coming over all Taxi Driver when you’re sat next to selfish gits stinking out the train with their big macs? Or are you just a bit worried about the bloated, degenerative way in which we’re collectively sleep-running towards obesity and type 2 diabetes? Jamie’s Food Revolution Day takes place next Friday (17th May) and I’ll be doing my little bit by hosting an interactive sushi rolling session for toddlers at the Toy Library in Walthamstow.

We’ll be rolling up our maki with a selection of the following treats: brown sushi rice, miso roasted salmon, avocado, cucumber, crab sticks, pickled carrot, spinach, spring onion, daikon, steamed asparagus and sesame-yuzu cream cheese.

It’s going to be brilliant, messy and chaotic fun. Sign up here to host your own event.


  1. Go you! My boys’ cooking clubs LOVE making sushi – I can’t think of a better way to support FRD2013 than to teach kids about real food. I’m hosting two parent/ child cooking classes this week too! Vive la (Food) Revolution!

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