The Long Table

Next Friday sees the launch of East London’s first night time street market and I’m absolutely delighted to announce that, once again I’ve been invited to fire up the hot plates and share some of the Bengali home cooked love. I’ll be in some pretty incredible company: other stalls include The Loft Project, Sho Foo Doh okonomiyaki, Moro, Taiwanese treats from Yum Buns, Big Apple Hotdogs, Climpsons Coffee, Doughnut Girl, Jez Meatball Man, London Fields Brewery, Hawksmoor, an Oyster bar from Fin and Flounder and many exciting others. I’ll be there with my traditional slow cooked Bengali goat and potato curry, spinach and peas with home made paneer, smoked aubergine dal, vegetable pulao and plenty more of my home made snacks.

I met up with Dave, one of the organisers yesterday and as we gazed down from the Dalston Roof Park at the remote triangular space hidden away at the end of Abbot Street  he explained how with log fires, a huge marquee, acoustic bands and a long communal table at which diners can enjoy their amazing treats, the idea will be to encourage people to enjoy the sense of inherent warmth you only really get from a proper communal gathering. From 6pm -12am every Friday in the run up to Christmas it promises to be absolutely epic and Friday nights in Dalston really won’t ever be the same again.


  1. Ooh sounds brilliant – Moro, Hawksmoor, Climpsons! Do you have an address? Wil try and pop down x

  2. D’oh just realised it says Abbot St, in which case I’m sure our spidey food senses will find it! x

    • gastrogeek

      Am so pleased you’re coming down K! It’s just around the corner from the McDonalds, opposite Dalston Kingsland station X

  3. I’ll rally the troops! Anyone popping in for a Maccas first will be sent straight home x

  4. Sounds amazing! I will definitely pop by one Friday 🙂

  5. Sounds fantastic. Can’t wait to see it.

  6. Lovely post – hope you are well Reji

  7. I dont live in London but visit often, this sounds great- will it return in 2012, or perhaps it has already- would be fantastic during the Summer months. Ps just found your blog and really enjoying it,

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