Retro Cakes


I’ve written a piece for BBC Good Food about the return of the retro cake. You can read it here


  1. Yes! Give me a slice of gypsy tart over a whoopie pie anyday. Great piece. Pilgrammage to Fitzbillies soon?

  2. That’s interesting…I am always going through my mum’s old cookbooks that have these retro recipes and have always wanted to have a go making them. I did make some Cornish/Devonshire splits a few months back. They were SO good, split open with cream and jam. I am all for a retro revival.

    Great bit of writing there, Rejina.

  3. Agreed. Get the Elizabeth David dusted off and in action. There is definitely a market for the revival of classic british tea shops like Bettys’ or Fitzbillies – though I’m a bit confused as I was brought up in Cambridge and can’t remember it..

  4. I definitely favour the “retro” cakes and make them all–made Fat Rascals last week in honour of my Yorkshire grandfather.

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