How you eat yours

I’ve started writing about food trends for BBC Good Food. Each month I’ll bring you the low down on what’s currently busting through the Scoville meter and what’s not in the world of food. You can read my first piece here.


  1. Ah congrats, that’s aces – look fwd to getting the Geek spin on the latest trends.

  2. Congratulations on the new gig m’dear! Good times ^_^

  3. Oh how interesting – I’ve tried to find stuff about food trends before (on the Apprentice last year they were commenting on how the pomegranate was very in vogue, which was true!) so I enjoyed your article a lot.

  4. Such an interesting article. I have never heard of Bubble Tea before and am now on a mission to try one. Any suggestions of where I can track one down?!

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