LBC interview with Tom Parker Bowles

TPB is a bit of a food hero of mine (if you haven’t read “Full English” yet I heartily recommend it). It was therefore a bloody honour to be invited onto his LBC show today and interviewed along with Rambo (AKA James Ramsden).You can here me saying the word “absolutely” over and over again here…

(we start about halfway in)


  1. James Gardiner

    Darling this was a wonderful piece! I heard it live on LBC whilst sitting with my dear mother on the Heath. So insightful to the world behind blogging… You deserve a book deal, put me down for the first copy!

    Snooks x

  2. Deepa

    Lovely blog. love this interview. as a fellow tpb fan i found it all very interesting. cant believe you havent been snapped up by a publisher yet!

  3. Great interview. Funny most the negatives mentioned applies here to sites like, but even there there are worthwhile content to read, just need to sift through the rubbish. James is right in that food blogs are just another alternative and I also agree that online readers are quite sharp and can see right through BS. Like a whiny immature idiot isn’t going to come across any more trustworthy in real life than he would be in cyberspace. Something why I feel a restaurant, as long as they feel they are doing their best shouldn’t be so paranoid of online criticism. Their ultimate undoing will be because of their own consistent failures whether it be management, menu, or lack of trained staff and not because of one or more negative comments they can find online. Lastly I think you touched on the subject but not all food bloggers are aspiring food critics and I’m glad of that. I find reading what someone in Spain or Vietnam had for breakfast much more entertaining than a review of the latest French bistro on Main St.. Anyway great content as usual Gastrogeek! Cheers πŸ™‚

    • gastrogeek

      thanks Dennis, yes it’s very true. I like to think that people aren’t stupid and will always see through “whiny BS” as you put it! Cheers πŸ™‚

  4. charlie n

    Diamonds on a sea of Muck!

  5. Nice work Rej. Great to hear you managed so well in the end. Lovely to see you for lunch at Hawksmoor the other day.

  6. Very good Rej, lot of interesting and valid points and I love the fact you championed the beauty of writing what you like ie free of editing etc but Rej, where the hell was my plug???!! Where was “Food Urchin is one of the best blogs around, a must read etc etc”?

    Not happy Rej, not happy at all.

  7. amazing interview! not only content-wise but also you have a very nice voice πŸ™‚

  8. Well done!!! I totally agree with what you said about the beauty of writing. (And I also say absolutely all the time.)

  9. Well done GG, that was well presented. You did say ‘Absolutely’ several times, but that’s better than what I always repeatedly say in interviews… “Aye, yer right pal, Aye”. It is a Glasgow thing.

  10. gastrogeek

    Ah Zia, if only I had your dulcet Northern tones though…:-)

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