Due Sardi

I enjoyed one of the tastiest pizzas I’ve had in yonks last night. Due Sardi is a tiny little Sardinian gem specialising in stone baked pizzas and fresh pasta just next door to Jaguar shoes, on Kingsland Road. Using family recipes and ingredients from back home, they deliver and offer take aways that you can eat at Jaguar Shoes (if you can bear all those solipsistic fashion students).  I’d heard plenty of great things, and my friend Rosie (who’s lived in Cagliari and is a bit of an expert on these matters) told me she’d overheard Italian customers putting in orders for off-menu Sardinian specialities – always a good sign.

Luckily they deliver to my flat, and unlike so many delivery orders, this arrived piping hot and just shy of 20 minutes – not bad for a Saturday night. With the very first bite of her Sardinian sausage, rosemary and olive strewn beauty Rosie declared herself transported back to the island.  I was intrigued at the idea of a “patatina” a pizza crowned with tomato, mozzarella and chips, and was informed that this is also achingly authentic. My olive, anchovy, caper and tomato pizza was an absolute delight. Not overly cheesy, but generous with the other toppings, the base was light, chewy and slightly salty – I could have wolfed it down unadorned.

Our 12 inchers were just £7.75 and £7.95 each, and they also do a fantastic little line in pasta dishes.  If you go between 12-5pm it’s a fiver for any pizza or pasta, but you do have to eat it in the bar next door. I’d say it’s definitely worth enduring any number of ironically leather leiderhosen clad “hipsters” for and have already circled the spaghetti bottarga for my next Sardinian fix.


32 Kingsland Road


E2 8DA


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  2. I’ve just spent a good few minutes trying to work out how to make that guttural purring greedy noise that Homer Simpson makes when he spots a doughnut but I can’t do it. So anyway you get the picture!

  3. Kingsland Road used to be a regular haunt as Mrs FU used to work around there, nuffin’ but bloody Vietnamese! A pizza would have been nice for a change.

    Looks lovely.

  4. Auugh – do they deliver over the border to E8?

  5. gastrogeek

    Helen – ha! brilliant.

    FU – Ahh, I bet she knows all the best places to check out around there though…

    KSalty – I’m pretty sure they do, if not you’ll just have to come over to Gastro-mansions and we’ll get some in!

  6. Evan Graj

    you can order online now through http://www.mysalivation.com … yum yum

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