Waitrose Kitchen – Tandoori Chicken

I’m super chuffed to report that I’m in this month’s Waitrose Kitchen. They’ve run a rather splendid piece about food and nostalgia, which includes the story behind my not-so-secret family recipe for tandoori chicken. It’s also on the waitrose website here and the recipe’s here. My gran would be so proud…

Waitrose article


  1. Love the piece itself and it’s a lovely photo of you too! Congrats!

  2. gastrogeek

    thanks Kavey X

  3. Demetra Lambros

    Love this! Now living in the birthplace of my grandmother (Greece), “food and nostalgia” is a big topic for me. Sometimes I taste a tomato sauce–or whatever–and it IS my grandmother’s. I am transported … On another subject (departing a moment from Greek food ;-), I’ve been wanting to try tandoori chicken forever and this summer I WILL, using YOUR recipe. Thank you!

  4. fussfreeflavours

    I saw this. Lovely article and photo.

  5. woooo – congratulations! so chuffed for you too xxx

  6. delighted to have you on board xx

  7. Hi Rejina … That is how I found your blog.. bought the Waitrose Kitchen magazine yesterday 🙂 Amazing isn’t it ..

  8. Congratulations once again!

  9. Ah, well done you! Will check it out.

    Ps. Pretty picture too

  10. BSG

    Brilliant, well done, and a lovely pic too.
    Today Waitrose; tomorrow the world! 😉

  11. Wow that’s really brilliant, will defo have to try out your recipe.

    I love the nostalgia of family food. My Granny was an instinctive cook who made simple but such tasty stuff. I’ve inherited her blue spode crockery and just eating off it brings the memories flooding back!

    Waitrose Kitchen is such a stylish mag – LOVE that cake on the front!!!!!

  12. Hilda

    I’m with the BSG on this one – couldn’t have put it better myself ! xxxxxxxx

  13. You look great in that picture Rejina, and I love the personal account of that recipe! Well done.

    Luiz @ The London Foodie

  14. Love tandoori chicken and the way you talk about it and present it!

  15. Well done Rejina! I have to say the photo looks stunning. Looking fwd to trying the recipe soon for the family this summer:)

  16. Many, many congrats. Very happy for you. x shayma

  17. gastrogeek

    Demetra – that’s so kind, I really hope you like it 🙂
    fussfreeflavours – why thankyou!
    F&L – cheers XX
    KSalty – thanks lovely one XX
    Anne – thanks, it’s a real honour
    Helen – thanks 🙂
    Grafoo – thank you!
    BSG – Ha! Indeed. World domination next right?!
    rhwf – it sounds like your Granny had great taste!
    Hilda – thanks H – Can’t wait to see your/Rosie’s mother/daughter blog! XXXXXXXX
    Luiz – what a lovely thing to say, thank you!
    Taste of Beirut – that’s very kind, thanks!
    Maunika – cheers, would love to hear what you think of it!
    Shayma – thanks!
    MsMarmitelove – cheers!

  18. I picked up a copy in Waitrose and started shouting, pointing at your picture “I know this bird! It’s all bloody lies! Don’t listen to her!”
    And then got escorted back out.

    Only kidding (of course) great work Rej

    • gastrogeek

      ha! Cheers FU. I was accosted by Maud, the check out lady in my local branch the other day, who insisted on calling all her friends over to have a gawp!

  19. Nic

    That’s fantastic! And it looks like a brilliant recipe too, must give it a go.

  20. gastrogeek

    Thanks Nic, that’s lovely of you to say so

  21. Wow, I didn’t buy this issue and have been a bit slack with my blog reading since my holiday so only just seen this – fabulous! And it is a lovely photo!

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