My Dining Room

My dining room is in Fulham, tucked around the corner from Fulham Broadway station to be more precise. Now, I rarely visit this part of town, but if I lived around here and wanted to eat somewhere that was a bit less manic than say the Harwood Arms, this would definitely be my regular haunt. Formerly a gastropub called “The Farm” it’s been recently refurbished and they’ve recruited head chef Julian Marshall who’s also done time at Anton Mosimann’s and The Lanesborough. The interior is adeck with coffee and cream tones of plushness. Whilst I’m not too sure about the name, it’s very well designed in a spacious-and-sophisticated-without-being-stuffy sort of way –designer Jason Hwang is a bit of a genius.

My dining partner and I were impressed at the cocktail list and even more so at the wine list, which joyfully sources from small artisan vineyards. My glass of Cuvee des Conti Bergerac was more crisp and floral than a bunch of stargazers. The menu boasts big sharing plates of comfort food, things like onglet and chips or wild boar sausage and mash – in short the sort of dishes I completely resent having to share.  Nonetheless, we did share a starter of crayfish caesar salad. It arrived in a bucket sized bowl, busy with fresh anchovies, crayfish and a spot-hitting tangy, cheesy dressing. Our only complaint was that we struggled to finish it – it could have easily fed three. A main of fish and chips came perfectly cooked, a crisp, tempura shell which crunched appealingly into a steaming hunk of pearly protein. The presentation was adorable, they served the skin on chips in a little mini coal scuttle and a pretty chiffonade of citrus peel on the fish. The home made mushy peas was nicely flecked with minty shreds and the home made tartare sauce definitely tasted like it was.

A tartare burger was crowned with crisply fried capers, the egg yolk came separately and the bun was sturdy yet sweet. Ours came cooked, but they are also planning on doing a proper raw version for the summer. The fish is all line caught, the beef is from cows that have lived better lives than a lot of humans and they use Daylesford Organic products. Stuffed and happy, our final bill came to £48.60. I have always hated and avoided visiting Fulham at all costs, but next time I do, at least I know I have somewhere decent to eat.

My Dining Room

18 Farm Lane

London SW6 1PP

0207 381 3331


  1. Hi all i want to express that i really like this blog, i just google and i found it..


  2. Wow the chish and fips looks really good, in fact it all does.

    Great review rah rah rah rah….sorry bet you thought you were back in Fulham for a second then.

  3. Looks like a very comfortable place to spend an evening!

  4. Gosh that burger is crying to be eaten! Great picture.

    Luiz @ The London Foodie

  5. I rarely go to Fulham also, but have friends who live right near here, so might suggest it next time we catch up.

  6. I didn’t know this place had changed hands, we live around the corner and ate at The Farm last year. The food was OK but not particularly memorable, this looks much better.

  7. That fish and chips looks and sounds like something to die for! If only I had known about this place when I lived south of the river! Any suggestions for good fish and chips in the Dalston/Hackney area or perhaps even, Islington? Cheers!

  8. I’ve found myself in Fulham a few times in recent months, and will no doubt visit again soon – I’ll bear this place in mind for lunch next time -cheers for the review Rej!

  9. gastrogeek

    Thanks Laura, that’s very kind
    FU- seriously, the Sloane:normal person ratio was unbelieveable…
    Taste of Beirut – yes, it was lovely!
    Luiz- thank you 🙂
    LexEat – Great, would love to hear what you think.
    Kerri – yeah, I’d heard it was a bit rubbish before. Definitely worth checking out now though.
    Denise – I have a superb chippy run by a very old couple who’ve been there for years, just around the corner from my flat – we should go sometime
    Dan – no worries!

  10. Hi, thanks for your post. It is really informative.
    Keep the good work! 😀

  11. I so want the burger. Give me some, please!! 😛

  12. thanks for the address of My Dining Room.
    seems the food is very delicious… yum, yum.

  13. gastrogeek

    Mmmm it is indeed. Must go back there soon…

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