Le Cool/Wapping Project

Hello. I’ve written a rather mean thing about cupcakes (and how you won’t find any in The Wapping Project) in this week’s Le Cool. The editor of Le Cool used to be the bass player in Suede. If that’s not a reason to subscribe I don’t know what is.


  1. Gav

    Chloe wasn’t in Suede was she?!!

  2. Blimey were you pelted to death with them in a past life? I never thought of myself as an “infantile moron” before… I’ve never taken them that seriously, just think they’re fun to make (though I’d be bored to death if I never did anything else).

    Must admit though, and not wanting to sound big headed, I prefer my own to the famous ones with dried up sponge and ridiculous ratio of icing. And those sprinkles like grit, urggh I’d rather eat cat litter.

  3. Matt Osman?! Matt Osman is the editor of Le Cool? Really?

    (I’ll admit to being a Suede-obsessed teenager).

  4. Hilary Cross

    Hasty re-think for Easter tea required now !!!!

  5. gastrogeek

    Gav – didn’t you know?!
    Sarah – yes, that is correct. I wrote that post with you and only you in mind 😉
    Sharmila – yep. (and same here!)
    Hilary – it was of course gorgeous, am still feasting on that heavenly simnel cake….

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