From Blogging to Flogging


As part of the run up to the food stall I’ll be running tomorrow in Covent Garden, I’ve written a piece on my frenzied preparations.

Channel 4 food published it here:


  1. Dan

    Ah crap! I’m not in London tomorrow and so wanted to try a Peel Special Spinach Roll. Good luck and if there are any left, please save one for me. I will pop along to your place of work to collect if necessary.

    With face mask of course.

  2. Mother-in-law-to-be

    Loads of luck for tomorrow – and please could we have some of those meat lollies next time we see you, they look fab !!!

  3. Should I be worried that I misunderstood what you meant by “flogging”?

    I’ll come get me some meat lollies after work tomorra …

  4. Nice work on being published!

  5. Dan

    So dissapointed I missed this – have been in Brighton the last couple of days. Hope it went well!

  6. gastrogeek

    Dear Dans – nevermind! They were the first to sell out funnily enough. Am glad you are still rocking the swine flu mask, and I hope Brighton was fun!

    MILTB -will do!

    Meemalee – It was so lovely to meet you, thanks for coming down x

    ELTW – thanks!

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