Am still slightly gobsmacked at being called a “future blogging star” in the Independent Newspaper how utterly amazing is that?! As the article mentions I’ll be manning the stall at Covent Garden’s Real Food Market on the 13th August, along with the excellent Sig of Scandelicious. Between us we’ll be dishing up all manner of treats. Feel free to drop by and say hello if you’re around!


  1. Congrats!
    Wish I lived that side of the pond – I would definitely drop by on Aug 13th.. It’s a long way from Canada though!

  2. Kudos indeed!

    Good idea to mention upcoming stall date in a blog post, I’ll get onto doing same!

  3. You absolutely deserve it Rejina. your blog is really nice and fresh. I couldn’t have described it better.

  4. Hey, well done you, eh! I think I’ll be away then, if not shall nip up and say ‘ello.

  5. gastrogeek

    awww cheers!

  6. Awww, that’s fantastic Regina – well done and throughly deserved!

    However, I cannot forgive you for using the word “kudos”. Ever.

    And I am also eaten up with jealousy 🙂

  7. gastrogeek

    Meemalee your blog is wonderful and you know, nothing I ever write will match that post about the pizza and the pearl necklace – cracks me up every time I think about it!

  8. Dan

    Congratulations Rejina, really impressive – well done!
    BTW – I’m making your Family Chicken Curry recipe Monday….I bought the ingredients yesterday – I’ll let you know how I get on with that.

    Did the Sumac turn up yet?

  9. gastrogeek

    Thanks Dan! Hope the cuzza turns out ok, I’d definitely let it “develop” for few hours if you can… Am planning on making both your lemon polenta cake and that sirloin salad sometime this week- no sign of the Sumac yet. (Did you get the Padron peppers?!)

    • Dan

      Im planning on making Sunday evening to eat Monday (and Tuesday) Evening – should be cracking! Can’t wait to try it.
      Let me know how you get on with the Polenta cake and that Sirloin Salad.

      Nope – no sign of the Padron peppers yet. Bloody Royal Mail eh?

  10. Awright, maybe I’ll forgive you.

    13th August, eh? Mebbe I come visit you after work 🙂

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