Salt Yard Style Tapas



I had the most amazing meal at Salt Yard – a rabbit dish so good that it made me laugh, fried parsnips with truffle and rosemary honey and padron peppers were all stand out tapas that I couldn’t wait to try to recreate at home. It’s really hard to get hold of padron peppers, the only place I could source them was from Brindisa in Borough Market, where you can get a bag of 30 for around £3.50.


Also known as “russian roulette” peppers (because every once in a while you get a rogue hot one) they are addictive. They have a much softer pepper taste than capsicums and are like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. I loved them so much I even bought some seeds to try and grow myself. You can also buy them from

Cooking them at home was easy, you just heat upa couple of tablespoons of olive oil in a wok or a large frying pan and fry the peppers until nicely blistered all over. Then just sprinkle with sea salt and devour.

The parsnips were much easier to find and were just sliced very thinly, deep fried and trickled with honey and sprinkled with sea salt.


  1. Dan

    Strangely enough I’ve recently been trying to source Padron Peppers. I’ve looked all over the place and had resigned myself to the fact that Borough was the only place I was going to find them. Irritatingly, I work in Clerkenwell – and the Brindisa outpost there closed down a couple of months back.

  2. gastrogeek

    They’re addictive aren’t they? They only had a few bags at the Borough Brindisa but as I work next door I might be able to pick you some up – let me know next time you’re planning a trip to Tayyabs and I can pop downstairs and pass them on. Otherwise I’ll let you know how I get on with my attempts to grow them!

  3. Dan

    That would we be great, work next door to Borough and live above Tayyabs LOL – how lucky are you! That would be cool if you could keep me posted on your attempts to grow them, I wouldn’t mind having a go if they’ll actually grow in this country!

  4. gastrogeek

    I really hope I don’t kill them as I am far from green fingered, but yes will keep you posted with my “attempts”. (Not sure about lucky in relation to where I live/work, more likely to end up fat and broke….!!!)

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