Bombay toast with peach and tomato salsa

Creamy, oozing with comfort and addictive little stabs of chilli this savoury French toast with an Indian twist is just the dish to take refuge in whenever you’re feeling hungry, tired, skint or all three. It’s a proper serotonin-raiser, whether we’re talking a decadent breakfast in bed gesture or a midweek, post-work-pre-flicks/plonked on the sofa type affair. The peach and tomato salsa is bright, punchy and the perfect accompaniment (it’s basically my Bengali tomato salsa recipe plus a couple of very ripe peaches), although a hefty blob of ketchup is just fine if you really can’t be bothered. My aunt in Rochdale makes hers using cheap white sliced bread but for me it’s all about the nuttiness of wholemeal.


Serves 2

1-2 tbsp single cream

A large pinch of curry powder

4 of the finest eggs money can buy

slices of bread

½ Fresh green finger chilli sliced (or more if you like your heat)

1-2 tbsp finely chopped coriander

1 shallot, finely chopped/spring onion

Salt and pepper

Tomato bortha/Bengali tomato salsa with a couple of ripe peaches roughly chopped and crushed in.


  • Beat together the eggs and add the curry powder, cream, chilli, coriander, shallot and salt and pepper.
  • Place a slice of bread in the mixture and leave for about 5 minutes then turn over, until well saturated with the egg mixture.
  • Melt a knob of butter in a frying pan over a medium heat and when sizzling carefully add the bread. Brown on both sides.
  • Repeat until all the egg has been used up and serve hot with plenty of salsa/ketchup.


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