Michael Nadra

I’ve had my fair share of shonky review meals this year, so when invited to sample Michael Nadra’s wares, I was more than a little bit cynical. Located in the heartland of Chiswick, I have to confess I was fully prepared to be underwhelmed.

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LBC interview with Tom Parker Bowles

TPB is a bit of a food hero of mine (if you haven’t read “Full English” yet I heartily recommend it). It was therefore a bloody honour to be invited onto his LBC show today and interviewed along with Rambo (AKA James Ramsden).You can here me saying the word “absolutely” over and over again here…

(we start about halfway in)

Miso Mackerel

There was once a time when all you’d ever hear about was Nobu and that black cod miso dish. That was until “The End of the Line” exposed it to be the bluefin-plundering, money-grabbing, z list hang out it really is. Still, you can see why the dish was such a winner. That deeply savoury rot of the marinade, sweet and salty against oily flesh was and still is pretty genius.

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